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Non-financial assistance - Added Value

Entrepreneurs are often focused on available capital levels as a gauge to evaluate the chances of success for a project. This is the main reason why entrepreneurs first consider and seek this type of assistance.

However, it would be a terrible mistake to believe that financial needs are the only requirements a business must consider in order to guarantee the success of a project.

Many people have paid dearly for realizing all too late that other non financial aspects such as workforce training, administrative methods and efficient use of available resources also play a major role in the success or failure of a project or business.

At SAFEC, we are strong believers that non financial assistance, commonly offered for free or at minimal cost, often provides businesses with the support or the services that would otherwise be costly. The money saved can, therefore, help finance other important business or project needs.

This is why we place so much emphasis on the importance of optimizing the use of non-financial assistance programs offered by various government organizations.

To ensure that SAFEC users understand the importance of considering this type of assistance when preparing their action plans, we have taken the necessary measures to help them recognize and properly target non-financial assistance programs that will help them more effectively in the pursuit of their goals.