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Employment, workforce, internships and training

Recruitment and Hiring

The business must acquire a competent workforce to ensure its growth. It is evident that the recruitment and hiring of necessary personnel to fulfill a business' particular needs represents, now more than ever, an important challenge given the lack of qualified labour and particularly in certain industries.

Programs exist to offer a summer job to students or to find permanent employees, interns, seasonal or foreign workers who will help you develop your projects or fulfill a particular or temporary need.

Internship and Professional Improvement

Every year, a large number of students or graduates search for internships that will allow them to acquire valuable experience in their academic field.

These interns, generally, have sufficient abilities to bring to your business; beneficial help at an affordable cost or, in some cases, for free. Certain programs that support businesses that encourage these interns.

Training and Skill Improvement

Access to training for personnel to acquire and refine their knowledge is essential and crucial for the evolution of the whole business. Many programs offer free or minimal cost training sessions to a business’ employees or managers.