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SAFEC's Commitment to Security and Privacy

This statement sets out how SAFEC Inc. safeguards personal information provided on our website.

We have added the latest SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology with 128-bit encryption to the SAFEC site. This technology enables encryption of all the data exchanged between SAFEC and all our users. Using this technology will guarantee that all the data sent to SAFEC is unreadable by unauthorized parties.

Most sites require that a "secure session" be established through the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer) only when you provide or consult personal information or confidential data on your account through this website.

At SAFEC we have permanently triggered "secure sessions" the moment a user logs onto any of our web pages.  When you access the SAFEC site, you will notice that all of our pages are encrypted, and that a small lock icon is visible at the bottom of each page.

This image indicates that the web page, along with all information contained within it, is secure and your information is protected.

To assure the highest possible level of security, we use Verisign's encryption services, one of the best providers recognized for its competencies in the information protection sector on the Web. With Verisign, SAFEC guarantees that all transactions on the website are automatically secured.

Beyond these security measures, which protect your information during online transactions, we have also taken the required steps to assure that all information related to credit card transactions on our website are managed by a secure 3rd party partner, and without ever transferring or storing credit card information in our database.

SAFEC uses the transaction portal, Paypal, for all credit card transactions. Once your payment has been made, Paypal does not keep any credit card information, unless you have created a personal account with them at a previous time.

Furthermore, all information provided to us is stored on a secured server.  We also assure the confidentiality of all collected information, including those our advisors have access to for the "Support Service" or for any other online service.