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Assistance programs by industry activity sector

This chart illustrates the total number of financial and non-financial assistance programs included in our database based on the activity sector of an enterprise and/or project.

Note: An individual program can be classified in multiple categories.

Culture, music, arts, and literature 1287
Service industry for businesses and individuals 1231
Cooperatives 1171
Fishing, horticulture, agriculture, and food industry 1161
Telecommunications and information technology 1119
Manufacturing industries 1085
Health care, pharmaceutical, and medical sector 1084
Environment, recovery and recycling 1083
Data processing and electronic commerce 1078
Transport, shipping, aviation, trucking and infrastructures 1073
Natural resources - forestry, mining, etc. 1052
Tourism, recreation, sports, and outdoor recreational activities 1036
Industrial production or equipment 1035
Research, science, inventions, biotechnology, etc. 1035
Energy - electricity, petroleum, natural gas, etc. 1020
Community and social economy, municipalities 1013
Education, training and learning 1001
Media and film industry 995
Natural products, nutrition, personal care, beauty and cosmetology 991
Robotics, aerospace, aeronautics and satellites 978
Training centre for scientific and technological research 968
Fashion and clothing industry 963
Real estate - construction, promotion and investment 950
Hotel, catering services and food service, outfitter 908
Wholesale or retail 887
Import, export, international trade 827
National Defense - military supplies, material and equipment 787
Financial services 742
Universities and institutions of higher education 421