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Who better to testify on SAFEC's potential benefits to businesses than those who have witnessed how its search tool is efficient, fast and accurate and how its database is complete? Some of our customers and our partners have expressed their thoughts and comments.

We thank all those who have sent us, in one way or another, their testimonies and comments. We received the following testimonies:

Robert Longtin, Founder and President of Espace Listings

"In 2011, I needed to find funding for my expansion project. I told myself that if SAFEC’s tool really worked, it was my best option and so I subscribed.

With the help of the Support Service, I followed the steps to successfully collect 4 subsidies: 2 to hire employees and 2 for consulting services. I also received funding for the development of my new website. I renewed my subscription and SAFEC is now an integral tool for my business." 

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Louis-Philippe Dea, Founder of Guerilla Web

"I've done business with SAFEC to obtain (successfully, might I add) subsidies for the first hiring phase when I was self-employed. The expertise of this company has helped me become a strong business with great future prospects.

Thank you for your support and help; I will never forget."

Louise Provost - Director of Human Resources at Transport Laurentien Ltée

"After taking the training session last June, I would definitely recommend it to everyone responsible for finding financing or funds to help their business grow and remain competitive.

I learned of many opportunities of which most SME managers were not aware. The process is simple and the support is excellent. Reine Smith and SAFEC's knowledge is indispensible to our growth."

Yvan Roy - Development and Francization at Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Saint-Laurent - Mont-Royal

"Reine and her team NEVER stop. Her business and the services she offers convey this image.

If you find that the steps necessary to obtain government funding can be cumbersome, see Reine or her staff at SAFEC and see how they accelerate the process and simplify the system."

Yvon Dalphond - Controler at Oriso Solutions inc.

"I had the pleasure of participating in a training session offered by Ms. Smith and I can attest that the quality and relevance of this training were beyond my expectations.

I recommend all those who are looking for an excellent training in searching for subsidies and credit related to hiring employees to communicate with Ms. Smith at SAFEC."

Andrei Uglar - CEO & Co-founder of SmartReno

"Reine is definitely the person who best knows the workings of obtaining financial assistance that I have ever had the opportunity to meet. I also trained with her which helped me to better understand the process of searching for subsidies for my start-up business project.

Reine and the SAFEC Team provide great value to any project through their database that contains detailed data as well as practical knowledge of different sources of funding and financial support. I enjoyed the valuable and useful advice in the practical application and research approaches for various programs. Thank you!"

You can also read the testimonies of those who have sent us letters:

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